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Raising backyard chickens has become so popular and Smart Chicken Coops sells only the best tested and proven poultry supply and chicken feed. We want to sell you a chicken coop that meets your needs for raising chickens and delivering you farm fresh eggs in your back yard.

Farm Fresh Eggs in Your Back Yard

Enjoying farm fresh eggs is a luxury that most never have the opportunity of experiencing. This, once true, statement is no longer accurate as the ability to enjoy farm fresh eggs from your very own backyard chickens is a reality made possible by Smart Chicken Coops, North America's leading online store selling not only the chicken coop but the nesting box, poultry supplies, feeds and everything else the urban farmer needs to get started with raising chickens. The thought of raising, and caring for, your own backyard chickens, primarily hens, can be a scary thought for some but it's much easier than you think and the end result of enjoying fresh eggs on a daily basis is unbeatable. You will need a few things to get started but they are all easily accessible and not extremely costly. Unfortunately, it does take more than a few hens, a chicken coop and a nesting box to produce fresh eggs regularly. It takes dedication and patience to successfully complete this rewarding task. Keeping in mind that fresh eggs are the goal, you will begin by purchasing the first two items necessary to get started properly. These are the chicken coop and the nesting box. It's important to avoid the temptation of rushing out and purchasing your hens first because preparations must be made prior to putting your backyard chickens to work. But don't worry, your fresh eggs will arrive before you know it. Caring for your backyard chickens will take some time and effort on your part but the end result will be well worth the time. Keep in mind that purchasing a chicken coop is not enough. The nesting box is just as important, if not more important, and plays a vital role in the process of providing your laying hens the right conditions to provide you with your fresh eggs. Hens typically prefer a dry, clean, relatively dark space to lay their eggs in and this is why the nesting box is so important. The chicken coop is simply the living space that houses your chickens from day to day.

Treat yourself to wonderful reading about how you can take the next step, to begin raising backyard chickens. Many of you have already started raising chickens and want to better our knowledge about caring and raising chickens