Cc Only Chicken Coops

Backyard Chicken Coops by CC Only

At Smart Chicken Coops, we love finding companies which make products with the urban farmer in mind. CC Only was started by someone who turned a hobby of raising hens into a small business in order to share that passion with other people.

The best part about CC Only is that they specialize in creating affordable equipment for backyard chickens. They design their coops with small yards in mind.

CC Only builds their coops using semi hardwood dried fir treated with weather-resistant stain. As sunlight and water will damage stain and wood over time, you can paint your CC Only coops to protect them against the elements—and to give them a unique look that matches your personal aesthetic.

Many of these coops are lightweight and some have wheels attached, so they are easy to move. They are also resistant to predators as the coops are completely enclosed. Smart Chicken Coops recommends that you install fencing around your coop and run in order to add more protection.

CC Only also builds guinea pig and rabbit hutches. The company was started by someone who truly cares about backyard animals and making urban farming more sustainable and accessible to all.


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