Clifton Coops Pre-Fab Chicken Coops

 Clifton Coops

Weather-Resistant Clifton Coops, Made from 100% Recycled Materials


Founded over 20 years ago by an engineer with experience in raising birds, Brinsea® is a company dedicated to developing practical solutions for raising healthy chickens. The company's Clifton Coops have earned a reputation as well-built and easy-to-assemble products.


Clifton Coops are flat-packed for affordable, efficient shipping. These are nice-looking coops which you can quickly take apart and put together again, a feature which makes them easy to keep clean.


There are two models of the Clifton Coop, and both are excellent for backyard chicken keeping: the Winscombe is made for 3-6 hens, and the Churchill is made for 6-10 hens. Both are manufactured using durable 100% recycled plastic and designed with a back door for easy egg collection and a removable tray to collect and clear away manure.


The plastic is weather-resistant and won't rot, so you get a good return on your investment as the coop should last a long time. The non-porous plastic used in the coops was also specially chosen for another reason: it doesn't harbor pests such as mites.


When we first learned about the Clifton Coops, we immediately admired their stylish and sensible design. It's our goal to bring you a variety of time-tested products for backyard chicken raising at Smart Chicken Coops, your online source for chicken supplies.

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