Comfy Coops

Comfy Coops

Classic Wooden Chicken Coop Designs from Comfy Coops


On the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state, Sequim is a town in the rain shadow of the Olympic mountain range, making it a great place for farming. In this “banana belt” of Western Washington, Comfy Coops chicken coops were born.

Comfy Coops is just one of the many independent brands of chicken coops and supplies we support at Smart Chicken Coops. This particular company is a small business with a focus on individually crafted coops. Their designs look great and reflect a tradition of coops made to look like barns, old houses, and other structures which give a feeling of Americana.


The Comfy Coops designs have a keen attention to detail, from the individual shingles on the rooftops to the runs which look as nice as screened-in porches. Once you buy your coop, you can customize it to match your house with just the right coat of paint.


Find coops, runs, feeders, and all the other products and information you need to get started with your backyard chicken project at Smart Chicken Coops. We hope you'll find our site to be a convenient online shopping resource for urban farmers with an interest in sustainable chicken-keeping in small spaces.

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